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vancouver-house-movingOne of the toughest niches we have ever dealt with has been a vancouver moving company. Although the moving businesses overall are not a highly lucrative industry – it is a very tough SEO market. We have been working with this Vancouver long distance Moving company  for over 2 years and we had a brief period where we were ranking on the first page – but soon fell down to the 4th page due to over optimization and not enough diversification in anchor text. This was a fairly severe penalty from google and we needed to request multiple reconsideration requests in order to get out of our position of penalty. In order to recover our client from this penalty we started a fresh domain and began ranking his services under a new domain while we sorted out the penalty and cleaned up the old domain. It has taken approximately 5 months to begin to see our rankings in the old domain come back – just in time for the high season of families, students and corporations moving.

Since the beginning of May we have been seeing outstanding results in this Professional Vancouver moving companies rankings. He has hit 1st and second page for fifty of his one hundred top keywords. Needless to say our client is very happy and all of our patience and hard work has paid off. Having your website rank on first page isn’t about gaming the system of google. It’s about delivering relevant content to the user and delivering results that make sense and encourage the best experience on the web. While our moving client may not be the largest corporation in British Columbia – he is a small family run organization – but has been in business for over 30 years and has taken pride in always exceeding customer satisfaction during moves. Our Marketing Group was able to enhance our Vancouver movers marketing campaign in order to extend his great moving services into the downtown Vancouver core and throughout British Columbia using search engine optimization.

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