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Why Lawyers Need Internet Marketing

Just a couple of years ago, we lived comfortably without the notion of the Web. Today however, it seems that we cannot spend hours without visiting the web. According to the culture-ist.com, there are over 2 billion users of internet the world over. The same website also states that in North America, 78.6% of the people are using the internet to search for basic products and services. If you are a lawyer and you want to market your services, it goes without saying that you should tap into the internet to promote your practice. In this article, we tell you how internet marketing can benefit your legal practice.

How Lawyers Can Benefit From Internet Marketing

1. Lots of Ways of Getting Noticed

Contrary to the popular notion, internet marketing involves more than simply creating a website. You can use it to widen the approach and reach as many people as you like. This includes creating blogs, using pay per click ads, having mobile responsive website design and networking with other similar sites.

In this way, a lawyer can benefit from internet marketing by informing people around of his presence, which can further help the lawyer increase clients and also build a better relationship with them.

2. Direct Contact is Easy

It is much easier to contact your clients when out of town or during holidays with the aid of online chatting feature on your website. This feature lets you contact your client anytime as may suit both of you.

3. Wider reach with minimal budget

At the time of starting out, you may not be able to invest a lot of money in marketing plans. But with the internet, you have a great chance to reach a wider audience with minimal budget. You may also just connect with the social networking sites and reach new clients.

4. Easy Popularity

By contracting a web design company to market your practice, there is a high possibility that your site will be promoted in the right manner. Before you know it, your popularity chart will have increased. And the more people get to know, the higher the chances that they will consider hiring your law firm should a need arise.


Criminal defense attorney from Los Angeles Seppi Esfandi has been a great example of using internet marketing to grow and expand his law practice. In this day and age where consumers use the internet to search for just about any good and service, the importance of the internet cannot be gainsaid. As a lawyer, you need to ensure that your website ranks top in the SERPs (search results pages) such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing and even MSN. Unless you appear in the first page, you are never going to be found.

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