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Do you REALLY get results from email marketing?

When it comes to marketing online email marketing is constantly being rated as the number one marketing method. This is backed by several surveys and studies that have been done over the years. All of these studies point to one thing and that is the fact email marketing generates more leads and produces more sales than almost any other form of internet marketing. Or does it?

Here is the interesting thing about email marketing. Not only do online marketers rate it as their number one marketing method, they also rate it as the easiest marketing method. This data suggests there is way more email marketing going on than most have thought. Because it is being done on such a huge scale that directly contributes to its success rate.

In one survey marketers rated social media as the most difficult form of internet marketing. They also rated it as the fourth most effective. I find that surprising being that social media is so popular these days. All this basically means is people are more likely to migrate towards methods they believe are easy.

Some independent analysis actually show content marketing is the best way to generate sales online. However, internet marketers consider it somewhat difficult and therefore don’t invest a lot of time in. As a result they don’t consider it as effective as email marketing.

So the million dollar question is whether or not email marketing is successful? And the answer is it depends on who you ask. Some may believe its the holy grail of marketing while others may believe its a complete waste of time.

Sometimes as an internet marketer you have to be willing to do the difficult tasks. Yes, email marketing is easy and it produces good results. However, that doesn’t mean it is more effective than other forms of marketing such as search engine optimization or social media marketing.

Don’t let the difficulty of certain methods stop you from doing them. Most marketers believe email marketing is the most successful because they aren’t willing to try any other methods. My advice is to expand your reach and watch your business grow like wild fire.

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